Let me just put it this way; I have never experienced a concert like that in my entire life. Giving it a 10/10 would be wrong, giving it 100/10 would still not do it justice.

The Temper trap were amazing as usual, and I think they won over some fans by their performace. I heard people in the crowd going “hey these guys are good”. And it was so cute because you could tell they were happy to be in their hometown. I’m going to message Johnny and ask how he felt about being in his hometown again. That’s actually weird, I’m on talking terms with the guitarist of the temper trap haha. 

SO, COLDPLAY. MY OH MY. I thought the wristbands were the coolest thing in the world, but BOY WAS I WRONG. They had freaking fireworks for their opening, FIREWORKS! and a LOT of them. They had giant glowing circles behind them and to top it off confetti flying in from every corner. And that was just their opening. There were so many things to focus on I was just everywhere! They were absolutely AMAZING live. Chris is such a little jelly bean, he’s so full of energy and the other band members were amazing too. What made it even more special was the fact that even though they had this whole arena to perform in, they still did a few songs with the four of them just standing side by side playing acoustically, as if they were a young banding starting fresh. It was beautiful. OH and the piano was glowing which was so cool, I want one now. Chris’s piano skills are amazing, I cannot believe he has not had a single lesson. It’s hard to choose what tracks stood out the most to me. Maybe Hurts like heaven, yellow, the scientist, fix you, clocks….OH SCREW IT. I CANT CHOOSE.

The wristbands were so cool, everyone got different colours. I got white and Sana got green. It was so cool cause each colour flashes different to the rest, so if you look at the whole audience, all the colours flash to different beats. ARGH. I cant believe that is what they get to see everyday. I teared up when I turned around and all I saw were little colourful dots flickering in the dark. OH OH and there were these balloon things they sent around the audience, kind of like beach balls. AND when it came near me of course I went to reach it so I could bounce it somewhere, and when I touched it IT BURST and out came all these little confetti butterflies. I KNOW! COLDPLAY YOU GENIUS. and and there were these inflatable monster things that were put around the stadium, and like everything they glowed as well.

I think what made this concert what it was is the fact it was like I wasn’t on earth anymore. Like I had been transported to another world with glow in the dark creatures and butterflies everywhere. It was magical, simply magical. I asked other people from the show and they said they felt the exact same way. 

I am so glad I bought tickets. Absolutely amazing and worth more than every penny. Sana and I made a pact to see them again when they come. I dont even know how they are going to top this one, unless they can actually transport us into another world hehe.

Ahh, I can sense some serious post gig depression coming up. SIGH. Why can’t there be a Coldplay concert everyday?

P.S I forgot to mention we were 10 meters away from the stage, and there was a turnout of 100,000 people. 

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